FB Result tracking is duplicated my purchase results, is this a pixel thing?

I have a standard event tracking on my CF confirmation page that indicates a sale/result in FB Ads. And I have the FB Pixel active here in funnelsih on my funnel too. FB is now duplicating my results. Do you know where this is double collecting data and what is sage to shut off if need be?

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Hi @bethc45,

You actually don’t need to have any type of “standard” event codes in any of your pages including adding your pixel code to the funnel, In other words, you don’t have to add the pixel code to your funnel or any of its pages at all. The pixel app will handle that automatically for you simply give it the pixel ID and it will track the events throughout your page.

It can understand most if not all the standard events that can occur on a page (PageView, ViewContent, Purchase, Lead, AddToCart, and complete registration) which will be fired whenever some relevant action happens.

Simply, get rid of the pixel codes from all of your pages and remove the pixel code from your funnel > settings > (Head tracking or Body tracking) boxes.

Hope that helps, do let me know how it goes,

that’s great thanks!

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