FB total track purchase event on thank you page

Hey guys

Can funnelish fire the purchase event from FB with the total checkout value for the order on the entire funnel? Also with PayPal checkout?

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Hi @_Winum,

There is an app that does MORE than that, It’s currently being tested as beta, and it’s proven to work really well…

It should be rolled out during our next update during the few coming days along some more apps, and features…

Let me know if you have more questions, or have feature request can add them to our list.

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Can I manually add the value on each step of the funnel too so the purchase event only fires with the profit amount instead of revenue?

hmm I think that should be added to the features list :slight_smile: currently it does only fire (almost all the standard events throughout the entire funnel, VC, Lead, ATC, CompleteRegistration, Purchase, using the actual prices, after All Facebook calculates revenue :slight_smile: rather than profit which is hard to calculate to be honest, after all you’ll need to deduct your Ad costs :slight_smile:

Facebook makes that easy to handle through their ROAS tracking…

But still we would love to hear how you plan to use that, how it can benefit our end users :slight_smile: and eventually if it makes sense it will be rolled out asap.

Good point on the deduction of ad cost. But what if it could show my margins so I can easily see which ad sets are winners?

Like lets say I sell a product at $20 but it’s only $10 that is my margin. Could be cool to only send the $10 to FB.

So you could do this by making it possible to some calculation on the value input: “product price X 50%” for instance.

Got it?

EDIT: Is the purchase event throughout the funnel or only on confirmation page. Meaning if the customer doesn’t go through the entire funnel, will it still fire for the purchases the cutomer did make?

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That sounds interesting, but it might increase complexity I’ll add it to our team list :slight_smile: and hope they can find a perfect way to fit that into the apps…

Though I must say, just by using what they came up with already you’re going to be AMAZED! on how easy it is to setup, and how well it works, it really helps finding which adsets work best, which convert best, which have more upsell take rate, which have more purchases but low value…etc it really helps improve your ROI instead of guessing it…

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Okay cool.

I’m setting up a funnel where I sell both physical products and digital products. So one product my margin is 30% another it’s 97%. So my ROI can only be calculated if my margin is sent to FB as I won’t know what my margin is on the amount FB displays is if it pulls the revenue amount.

Should be quite simple to customize the code in the plugin with a margin % manually for each product.

Also: I have an idea that FB increase ad cost when the pixel fires bigger amounts :slight_smile:

Hmm… Are you sure about that?! That’s kind a serious thing…
According to Facebook Docs, Facebook doesn’t care what you sell, or how much you make as long as the conversion event is fired… Facebook will simply try to fire more of those events at lowest cost for you…

That’s how it works :slight_smile: (at least that’s what they say :smiley: ).

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You’re probably right :slight_smile:
All through still very relevant that it’s the profit before ad spend that is send over to FB right?

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Yes it is very relevant @SubZero, that’s why I added it to our list :slight_smile:

Hi SubZero!

I had the same question today and came up with a solution that works for my funnel. I’m using a 2-Step Tripwire Funnel with the free Jason theme.

The problem I wanted to solve:

When the user lands on the “Thank you, here is your order” summary page which has the table of all items listed including their price I wanted to fire off a FB track purchase event with the sum of all line items.

The solution I came up with is as follows:

  // start with 0
  var value = 0;
  // go through each price element of the table
  $('div.elOrderProductOptinPrice').each(function(i, obj) { 
    // need to create a temp object
    var o = obj; 
    // remove $ sign
    var priceString = o.innerText.replace(/[^\d.-]/g, '');
    // parse    
    var priceInt = parseInt(priceString);
    // add to total value
    value += priceInt; 
  // log for debugging
  console.log("We'll be tracking $" + value + " in purchases");
  // only send event if we've gotten an actual value
  // otherwise ignore it (from page crawls etc.)
  if (isNaN(value)) {
    console.log('There is no $ Value to track');
  } else {
    // finally, send the purchase details to FB
    fbq('track', 'Purchase', {
      value: value,
      currency: 'USD'


  • Depending on theme, the class-name of the elements containing your prices may differ. In case of the Jason theme, that’s .elOrderProductOptinPrice
  • I put this code in the “footer code” section of the custom tracking code section of the page.
  • I verified this logic by adding logging. If I load the page with items in the table, then I should be seeing “We’ll be tracking $X in purchases” in the Javascript console log
  • I provide this code as-is, with no guarantee of working. Please be careful if you decide to use it!

Hope this helps and let me know if you have any questions.


Pretty slick solution Alexis. All though I see a problem with those not landing on the confirmation page. Some people close down the page when they see an upsell page.

I’m under the assumption that this handled with the funnelish app by accumulating the purchase amount through each step of the funnel, am I right @yassine ?

Hmmm… I have no clue what the code above does hhh!

The idea behind Funnelish is not having to use codes! or any voodoo thing! eg. Killing a chicken stuff, and then crossing your fingers hoping that it works.

There is already a battle-field tested app in your account, just turn it on…

It takes care of events, not just purchase, it lazy loads the pixel, to avoid slowing down the page same as keeping your audiences clean from zumbie traffic…etc And yes it works for two step order forms as well…

Just remember to remove the old pixel codes from your funnels and steps… (as you won’t need them) and they might cause fluctuating values…

It also has safety measures against fluctuating values, or event fires…

And eventually, it works for all apps! the one above won’t work with the PayPal app’s or the FastPay…etc

PS. As extra, the app declares real prices as set within your account, so it works for subscriptions, one time offers, bundling, OTO…etc