Feature Request: Stripe Declined Payments Fallback to PayPal

Hi Funnelish-Team,

I signed up for your app monthly, because it was a lot card declinings at Stripe. And after integrated your PayPal V2, some of my customers use PayPal payment, but there are still A LOT card decliningS.

I guess, some people still dont know that, they can pay with their credit card via PayPal without having a account.

So my questions on you guys:

If you can add the feature soon, it helps us so much and we’ll love you more and more.

Cant wait to get your answer.

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The issue with Stripe is different.

I guess you are not based in the USA but you sell to USA customers.

My guess is that most failed/declines you get are from USA customers that pay with debit cards. Reason is that card issuers are very strict on international payments (you are an international merchant because you are not in the USA although Stripe processes your payments) so that’s why you get a decline whereas a USA merchant would process the payment without an issue.

There is no solution to this (other than setting up a US LLC or using Stripe Atlas that can get you a C-Corp but the downside is that you have huge taxes to pay each year because of the C-Corp).

Stripe or any other provider usually says that customers have to call their bank and tell them to allow that transaction but in reality that would never happen would it.

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Hi Nikolay,

May I ask you, are you a member of funnelish? If yes, please take that Point of view, as a customer I want to share my problem so that’s you can find a solution and improve your product. And if you can solve our problem (I put the word „our“ because I m sure there are a lot customer of funnelish have the same problem like me), we will stay with you for a long time. If NOT, we will look for another solution. So do you want to keep us as your customers or you don’t about?

If you are a customer of funnelish then you have to know how to feel paying advertisements a lot but your customer want to buy your products but they can’t.

BTW I chat recently with Yassine and he adviced me to post this topic here.


Hey @Huu I am not a funnelish member, just a regular customer as you so you might want to change your tone here.

You might be frustrated but I just wanted to give you a bit more info what is going on as I went through the exact same issue as you.

This attitude won’t help you in business so figure your other stuff out yourself then :wink:

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Thx Nicolay,

But what I need is solution and can we please stop To move on with our conversation, I would like to hear from funnelish what they think,


Lets not fight guys :slight_smile:

So first of all @niksaev you got a good point there, that was same case for us a UK company selling in US, it was so damn hard to get payments from US customers we’ve had like 60%+ failed payments sometimes for absolutely no reason… before we discover that it’s only the banks network has not enough trust signals for our company… so @Huu I believe you should consider what @niksaev said he got really good point that will help you with your business…

I know sometimes moving is not easy or starting a new business… (that was our case and here is how we handled it):

  1. We follow up with customers, giving them the incentive to call their banks and allow the payments to be processed… asking your customers to pay via PayPal won’t get you those trust signals with banking network… I know it’s hard but doing that process with 10+ customers over and over again… will enhance your trust rank in the banking network…

the do_not_honor error is just the banking network saying no, we don’t trust this company.

  1. We had a strong automation set in ActiveCampaign, unfortunately, was manual but it made wonders for us… When only a few customers call their banks we noticed our failure rate dropped from 60% down to less than 5% in a matter of days.

  2. We avoid disputes, receiving even a single dispute next day you’ll start noticing more failed payments again, even if the dispute was fraudulent or a scammy client… your reputation will get hurt in the banking network and you’ll need to rebuild it slowly again.

Anyways, Your idea @Huu Is AMAZING and we were thinking of ways to do that :slight_smile: and will update this thread once we have more updates…

Best to you two, and @niksaev don’t worry @Huu is a misunderstood nice guy :smiley:

Funnelish™ Team