Force Product Price Based On Country

My funnel is a Free+Shipping book offer on a two-step order form. The price is $7.95 U.S or $10.95 international. What I would like to achieve with Funnelish PayPal is this.

When a customer buys from U.S force the $7.95 price and when they buy from other countries force the international $10.95price.

Currently I’m losing money from people choosing the wrong option.

This is a common problem with F+S offers. Other services like CF protools and CF power scripts offer this, many will go to them just for this feature. If you can offer it, it’s a no brainer.

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Yes! would love to see this feature too!
I offer free shipping on all orders within the USA. However, for international orders I would like to charge them an additional fee [example +$10] OR even better, CHANGE the product price by $10 [example: $47 instead of $37 so the shipping fee is already included in the product price]

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