Force-stop funnelish interacting with the Credit Card fields

How can I force stop funnelish to interact with the credit card fields when fancy credit card is not enabled and only either Paypal V1 or Paypal V2 is enabled.

It’s nice that it adds a border around the CC fields and makes them pop as well as the required radio option to changed between CC and Paypal however I do not want either rearrange or it to change the headlines of the CC fields especially not to rename/remove the headlines of Expiry Month and Expiry Year.

They are being changed to MM/YY which is not needed when fancy credit card is not enable as we are left with two dropdowns.

This is how Paypal V1 or V2 makes it look without fancy credit card being enabled:

And this is how the default fields look and want them to keep:


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Hmm interesting.

Just the question is what that adds in value to your order form :slight_smile: does it help with conversions?

Our intention with that was,

  1. Fewer fields mean more conversions
    That should be kept in mind all the time when it comes to online order forms.

  2. When using PayPal that adds extra border to allow switching between payment options, that adds extra margin, which makes the credit card form barely clear in mobile devices… so it seemed like a good idea to remove that uneeded label.

But, I believe you can use the translator to replace YY/MM with anything you want :slight_smile:

Also, we can provide custom code (style) you may use if we know exactly what are your goals :wink:

Hey @yassine,

  1. That is generally true BUT when it comes to sensitive fields and data I do not want to give control to customers over such fields. Dropdowns are bullet proof and actually “idiot-proof”. You can not type in the wrong thing. I’ve had failed payments due to people typing in the wrong data in MM/YY and after trying twice their bank locks any payments towards our website and that is a lost sale.

  2. I have a developer that will fix this inhouse for us. Generally a margin can be added so that “expiry month” and “expiry year” are not stuck to the CVC field any extra design can be made by each site owner.

Translator to replace mm/yy - good idea but I do want to return it the way it is “expiry month” and “expiry year” above each dropdown so that it is extra clear.

Looking forward to your reply.


Any update on this guys?

That’s the whole point from Fancify :wink:

If you don’t want the auto validation and removing the extra field then better deactivate Fancify.

But just from our testing typing is more customer friendly compared to dropdown especially on mobile.

Also not to mention all the 3 boxes get validation on the fly so it’s kind of impossible for your users to type in something wrong, or some wrong character…Etc

Perhaps best thing to do, is report use cases separately and we can work on them and identify what can be done to tackle those sepecific cases :slight_smile:


The issue is that when I had Fancy Credit Card I had failed payments due to wrong expiry date. Once I removed it that doesn’t happen anymore.

The MM/YY would both take for example 12/20 and 12/2020 which is not ok. The default integration of Clickfunnels is to provide the Expiry year in full format (2020).

Either do the validation to take the full year and match the placeholders or stop interacting with the default fields when Fancy Credit Card is not turned on.

hmm actually Fancify, accepts both 12/20 and 12/2020 both formats are handled the same.
Fancify takes it if it’s short format and delivers it to CF as long format.

Do you have some numbers! that validate that, we can certainly re consider this and try to come up with some fix :slight_smile:

I have just checked with our payment processor and whenever there was an error for “The stated credit card expiration date has already passed.” the expiry date was set up to 01/18 which is very strange. 3 different customers have received this error and all have that expiry date. I do not believe it is a coincidence. It definitely shows there is a bug in passing the values sometimes.

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Can you tell me what browser and device they used?

That will help a lot

Attached are screenshots from Analytics.

All android, all the default browser and all the same browser version.

That should help a lot thank you :raised_hands:

Can you tell me what amount of traffic so we know the percentage at which it happens! I see 4 users had the issue, but what was the total traffic? perhaps that will help us know what to expect during testing.

Hey @niksaev,

We’ve rolled out a new option for both of our PayPal Apps:

You can toggle that switch on, in order to have your order form act the way it does by default for Clickfunnels… That might be useful for your case (NMI) or for other non-Stripe gateways… (though it works fine for Stripe too).

Let us know how that works, counting on you to let us know of any bugs or issues encountered.

Hey @yassine,

It works perfect and thanks to Funnelish not interacting with the fields I was able to style them nicely using some simple CSS now. (+ we can never get errors due to issues with Exp Month & Exp. Year)

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