Free + Shipping with auto-subscription code?

We are launching a supplement as a subscription and we’re planning to use Stripe. We’re looking to offer the following:

Free Bottle + Pay Shipping ($10)
And then 30 days later they are automatically charged $30/mo

How can we go by doing this? CF support told me there is a pre-made code for it.


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Do you really need a code to do that? @Luka I think if you create a custom plan in Stripe that includes the shipping (10$ for the trial period) then $30/mo afterwards it should work!

Or maybe I misunderstood you?

@samlee there isn’t actually an option to do that, perhaps with custom code it would.

I went into Stripe and it doesn’t give that option when creating a product. I reached out to support and they suggested to use a coupon but that would be ideal especially since we are creating a similar offer for the 2 OTOs in the back-end.

Clickfunnels support told me it’s possible with a custom code.

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Do you have a Funnelish account? if you do then I’d suggest trying it through Funnelish Pay app, since it does not require setting up any plans…etc inside CF nor inside Stripe itself, and it does support trial periods,

However I am not fully certain I understand the your use-case, as from what I understood what you try to do is definitely supported by Stripe, Unless I am missing something.

Funnelish Pay does exactly what we wanted! And super easy to use.
One question: Does Funnelish Pay allow an additional function where the customer can choose the frequency of payment?

Frequency + Free Trial setup in one.

(Aa some would require more frequency some less)

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@Luka Yes it does allow selecting a frequency and number of recurring times etc,

When creating a product just select “Is Subscription” then select how frequent it’s charged…etc