Funnelish all of a sudden hid my credit card field

@yassine @samlee

Something VERY strange has happened. All of my credit card fields on checkout pages have all of a sudden gone missing. Please see this. Why would this happen out of nowhere? Please see attached image. Is this a known issue?

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Hmm… Do you have some cache problem? or did you by any chance made it hidden from settings?
And can you let me know which PP app you are using? and provide the page URL where that took place?

EDIT: Or perhaps you changed some settings, as currently all our funnels are operating just normal!

It’s not a problem that is local only to me… I found the issue because sales all of a sudden came to a stop and I went into user recordings and saw that the fields were hidden! Then I went and tried to check out for myself and it was hidden for me too.

I did not change any settings. This funnel had been running on autopilot for months. I’m using paypal version 1.

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@faixapreta Can you please share or send me the Url of the order forms concerned asap! I have to check them to see what happened…

I have exact same problem… Customers started complaining, because there was no credit card field. Everything was fine like 3 weeks ago and I didn’t even touch that project for a while.

Not sure what happened, but when I turn off your paypal v1 app, credit card checkout works perfectly fine.

Link to my sales page:

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Hi @armin,

Your case actually, is that you have multiple Credit Card forms within the same page that are hidden, Funnelish currently only allows a single Credit Card form per page, remove the hidden ones first, it should work just fine

Hey, @yassine @samlee

How do I do that? It was working fine before and it just randomly broke. So not sure how to fix it.

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Hi @armin, I believe what @yassine meant was, in your page you have some “hidden” order form elements which must be removed.

To remove them, just go under Elements > Manage in your Clickfunnels step editor, and start looking for the hidden elements that are not used that might be the Credit Card Form and remove them all.

Btw, having hidden content in your page, especially heavy images, videos will slow down your page load speed massively, so removing any hidden elements will make your page load much much faster.

I just checked all hidden elements and I found only 1 video. Order forms are not hidden and I have only one order form. Everything was perfectly fine and it broke like 6~7 weeks ago for no reason. Actually all of my funnels instantly broke.

Can you help me out?

Thank you @samlee


Yes sure thing @armin, PM me the link to your order forms that are broken only two are sufficient max, and we will analyze them and get back to you asap :slight_smile:

Looking forward to helping you…

Sent you PM, thank you! :slight_smile: @samlee