Funnelish Checkout + Ecommerce + Abandoned Cart Sequence


Clickfunnel or Active Campaign?

For Ecommerce with checkout Paypal + Credit Card, To manage abandoned cart and post purchase sequence, Do you use Clickfunnel internal automation mail or Active Campaign?

Thank you.


ActiveCampaign or Klaviyo all the day.

I have an etison account with Actionetics and I never use it loool :smiley:

ActiveCampaign seems to have great deliverability, automation… and reliability.

Actionetics, other than the fact it will cost you 200$ extra per month, I DO NOT think it’s worth it unless till you have reach 50,000 contacts, at that stage (from a price point of view they’ll be almost equal)… But from a reliability point of view, AC still has the upper hand… not to mention the advanced abandonment automations you can setup with it.

We have a general store, we want to segment by niche.
How to set up automation for lead and buyer?
How can we set up abandoned cart for each funnel?

Ok so from within Clickfunnels and/or funnelish.

For each product you can have an automation, under the automation tab of each product,

When they purchase add them to a list of ActiveCampaign, and from ActiveCampaign, you can decide how to handle them differently depending on which pages they’ve visited and what actions they did…

The good news, is that ActiveCampaign has an abandoned cart automation template already made for you… just find it and customize it.

1°) from within Clickfunnels and/or funnelish ?
At this time, I don’t know, I am a newbie on Clickfunnel.
But I want to have payment from Credit Card and Paypal for sure. And I don’t want to customize abandoned cart by-product. I want to customize abandoned cart by step on click funnel. So, I just want to come back to order form people who don’t but on order form. Come back to upsell, people who don’t buy upsel.

2°) And for people who don’t purchase upsell, come back to upsell page with one click upsell hack
How does it work with paypal, does people come back to order form ?

3°) If I set the trigger for purchase. How active campaign collect non buyer?

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I believe it was explained above :slight_smile:
For setting up events, you better set them up on per product…
So on each product Credit Card or PayPal one, simply set an automation.
That automation will add the buyer/lead to a list with a tag (in ActiveCampaign) (Please check Clickfunnels’ how to tutorials for ActiveCampaign connection).

Once you have your leads/buyers sent to ActiveCampaign, within AC you can start an automation depending on specific actions done by that lead/buyer… eg. If they visited Thank you page that means they bought everything, If they visited an OTO page but didn’t visit the Thank you page that means they bought, but there is still chance to upsell them stuff from the funnel.

Since you’re a newbie, I would highly recommend starting off with a sample automation, like ones who bought receive email X, and ones who didn’t receive email Y. and over time keep adding more steps and advanced tracking… generally I would waste my time setting up a full follow up sequence unless the product is proven to be a winner and is making sales, then I keep tweaking the sequence to squeeze more sales… (that’s what i’ve been taught :smiley: @yassine)!

  1. Yep, explained that above :slight_smile:

  2. Explained that above as well, but ActiveCampaign doesn’t need that, they have a pixel you can install on your funnel header, which tracks which pages visited by whom! if your customer visits a specific page but not another, that means they bought/ didn’t…etc you can make tons of conclusions out of it… it’s the same concept of Facebook Pixel and custom events.

Thank you, your support is amazing !

Under funnel action, I can not see active campaign

Under product >> email integration:, here is only for people who purchase the product.

If I understand, I collect by optin or order form in bulk in active campaign, and set up by product for the purchase (work for CC and Paypal)
So to set up automation by behavior I put the “pixel of active campaign” into click funnel to segment people.
So with the “pixel” I can set up a global abandoned cart for all people who don’t purchase.

Here the list:

My Niche - All people (collect on optin, or order form)
My Niche - Purchase (collect in automation under each product in CF work with CC and PayPal)
My Niche - Abandoned Cart (I set up all people in My Niche - All but not in My niche Purchase) ?

That correct?
Is yes what about someone come back and abandoned cart in other funnel but same niche?
Can he have abandoned cart sequence ?

Thank you for all

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Ok so you seem to have some good points in there, let me explain the way we do it at Funnelish and in some side businesses.

We usually have two lists in ActiveCampaign:

A. “Product Name” - Leads
B. “Product Name” - Buyers

That’s it, the structure above has been proven to work for us in about all scenarios.

So let’s assume we want to find the ones who “DIDN’T” purchase anything (of that product or funnel).

Those would be the “Product Name” - Leads excluding “Product Name” - Buyers.

So in ActiveCampaign, you can have two automations (using the cart abandonment templates they have).

You’ll need to create at least one automation, but preferably two, like this:

  1. Automation for people that enter the list “Product Name” - Buyers, If someone enters this list it means it’s a buyer so should notify them ASAP of their purchase confirmation. and then in few days send then an automation saying your order has been shipped out… if you want to provide tracking numbers it’s a bit of a hustle so I don’t personally do it till they ask for it.

  2. Automation for people that enter the list “Product Name” - Leads, This one is a bit tricky, since it might take your customers a while to do the purchase, thus this automation always starts with a “Wait” timer for 30mins at least… After 30mins do not send them the email of cart recovery instead… check first if the lead you have exists in the Buyers list, if it does that means they bought already within the 30mins wait and the automation should end (and the Buyers automation will trigger).
    Otherwise if they don’t exists in the Buyers list, that means they didn’t purchase, then you can keep bothering them with emails on daily basis, but before sending each email check whether they exist on the Buyers list or not, if the do “End the automation”…

And that’s really it,

Btw… All the above, is just a thorough explanation of what ActiveCampaign Cart Abandonment template already does! you can have that setup literally in 2 minutes… Explaining how it works takes longer than actually doing it.

And yes the second screenshot you sent is the one that should be used… not the first… you should set an automation on each and every single product…

But luckily, you don’t have to have that many products :slight_smile: just use the variations from Funnelish for each product, that will make your life much easier.