Cart abandoned email problem

First of all, I already found this topic >> Funnelish Checkout + Ecommerce + Abandoned Cart Sequence but could not find the answer I was looking for.

I have a problem regarding the cart abandoned email, and I hope you can help me out with this.

Some things to know first:

  1. I’ve integrated ActiveCampaign (AC) with Clickfunnels (CF)

  2. People can also buy with Paypal (Funnelish app)

Problem: The 1st CF page is the optin page where the potential buyer enters his email address. However, this email address is (often) another email address that’s used for Paypal.

My AC cart abandonment automation is based upon the email address from the optin page.

Result: people who purchase with Paypal also get a cart abandoned email.

Because I do like to have my optin page, is there a solution for this?




Yep there is, it’s called Funnelish automations, under Funnelish product (each product of yours) open it and go to automations tab, add a new automation select ActiveCampaign as the integration, using that automation not only you can send emails to your customers paying email (ie. one used to pay using PayPal), but you can also send them emails to their optin emails as well, all on the fly, in fact Funnelish automations are what you should be using if you have Klaviyo, orderlytics and ActiveCampaign, it’s what we are using for long now and it seems to work perfect…

CF doesn’t match optin emails with those used to pay and it treats them as completely two different customers…