Funnelish credit card not showing up

So matter what I do I cannot get the credit card input fields to show up on my funnel. Changing around settings in the apps do nothing (ive tried all of them) and even messing around with other products didn’t do anything. Capture

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Can you share your page URL or you can email us the URL at [email protected]

Generally speaking, it’s either that the URL is wrong or the app is not activated under account or under /Apps.

Made a test funnel based off my main one. same issue im getting before let me know what’s wrong.

I really want to get this working please :heart:

Not working for me either

For me the http:// is disappearing on all URL’s - is that correct?

Been struggling with this for over a week. Emails have gone unresponded and so have these forum posts. Has anyone else in the community had this issue and solved it? I have the credit card option turned on, tested it with it off, and tested it using the default credit card option as well. I’ve tried multiple versions of the URL’s but it still seems i’m missing something because a lot of people don’t have this same problem.

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I can’t figure out what the problem is either - but have noticed that my URL’s are removing the http://

I’ve spent HOURS trying to troubleshoot WHY my credit card form is not showing up and only the paypal option is.

Really hope to get an answer soon too - have emailed and written in the FB group.

Sorry, can’t be a help to you right now, other than be in the same boat :frowning:


I feel like a d*$#… They did reply to my initial email so sorry for blowing up this forum and the company. But for those who are having the same issue where your credit card field is blank but you can see the paypal option make sure you do not have a second order forum on the clickfunnels page. I had one hidden because it was for mobile only and one that was for desktop only. Once I deleted the mobile only version and did my optimization at a lower level this fixed the issue. So make sure you do not have any hidden order forms!

Also… (Sorry for being a d*ck <3)

Hey @natnjodie, @inventrio,

Your emails should get responded to soon, it takes less than 24h to get a reply from us…

Hmm, two weeks ago or more we’ve been transitioning our support platform thus maybe your tickets have gone mishandled or unseen, but during this week it’s very stable…

That’s okay, funnelish removes the http:// part automatically…

We need to see both of your order form to let you know what could’ve gone wrong, generally two things could cause the problem:

  1. Either your URL in Funnelish is wrong.

  2. or, you didn’t enable the app(s) under /Apps or under “your funnel” > Settings > Apps.

Hope that helps, and looking forward to helping further as needed…

PS. if this problem presists our support can assign one of our tech guys to you to work with you one-on-one to get your funnels fixed and all your issues resolved in a timely manner :slight_smile:

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