Funnelish Funnel Orders Export Stucks At Processing!

Hi guys,

I have seen you have the same issue 5 days before. I have the same problem with my funnel now.

Please solve this quickly

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Hi @Huu,

are all those exports for the same Funnel? I just processed an email about same case was it you? as now we are investigating it and will try to find out what could’ve been the issue…

No, every funnel has the same problem. No this a new case. Please solve this problem as soon as possible.


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Hello @Huu,

Thanks a lot for letting us know about the problem, and it has been solved already :wink:

Feel free to let us know if there are any other issues :slight_smile:

Hi @samlee,

the order export stucks again, please take a look now. I need to export the orders.

Just curious why dont you guys please remove all the bugs


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Hello @Huu,

We are really working hard on getting all bugs removed as much as we can, We are still a young platform so there is a long road ahead but certainly we are all ears and we make sure to fix things asap.

@samlee @yassine - this issue seems to be happening again. My order export is stuck at processing.

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Hey @BurkeEnterprises,

We were rolling out an update during that time, can you please let us know if still facing the same issue? or there are any other issues you might be facing…