Funnelish IPN overrides all my settings : how to use another IPN url?


I want to use zapier for automation everytime I get a sale through paypal, or when i make a refund.

I set zapier’s webhook url in paypal’s ipn settings.

But I realized everytime I have a sale or EVEN WHEN i make a refund, it is funnelish IPN url that the transaction is sent to.

First I don’t understand why funnelish overrides everything.

Secondly, how can I make zapier work ?

Funnelish is useful but doesn’t play nice with CF or Zapier…

For info, I use the v1 app.
Does the V2 solve this issue ?


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It’s probably a better choice to use Zapier through Clickfunnels it handles both Stripe and PayPal sales without having to override the IPN, Funnelish PayPal app v1 works with the default IPN settings and tends to override the existing one if any used, since PayPal supports sending IPN notifications to a single target only.

I highly recommend using Zapier through CF that’s the easiest option, you could also use PayPal App v2 but it works for limited use cases and it should be deprecated in the following weeks in favor of a newer PayPal app thar’s both easier to setup and is more feature rich…

Hope that helps let me know how it goes,