Funnelish pas + fancy credit card isssue

Hi! Funnelish Community!

I would like to speak about the two genius application Funnelish Pay and Fancy Credit Card that unfortunately doesn’t work together on both all the page I have tried to install on Click Funnels

Do you see the same issue?

To fix it I have turn-on both Paypal Plugin and Fancy Credit Card they are working great together and doing great results

Even if it doesn’t offer the same result as the wonderful optin case and better look provided by Funnelish Pay. A really good point on Funnelish Pay is that they make look the text in deep red when the user type wrongly or just a part like if he would think to bounce at this moment. So associate Paypal Plugin and Fancy Credit Card have been an issue in my case if you would take the same way an being able to keep the wonderful look of the preview on Fancy Credit Card

If anyone could help me make my checkout like evil by combining both Funnelish Pay and Fancy Credit Card. I would be really Grateful for his good help ! And make a ton of money! Sorry for the cheap quality of my english. my mother tongue is french.

Talk To You Soon.