Funnelish Pay Install Instructions

Can someone post detailed Funnelish Pay Clickfunnel’s installation instructions?

The current documentation only tells you how to add payment methods to Funnelish Pay and does not show you how to get it to work in CF.

We need instructions on how to install Funnelish Pay in ClickFunnels, how do you configure ClickFunnels so Funnelish Pay appears in your funnels.

Additionally, we are a current Funnelish customer and will need to know how to convert existing Clickfunnel Funnelish configurations to use the new Funnelish Pay feature.

We have tried to get Funnelish Pay to appear in our existing Funnelish configured funnels without any luck. Turning everything off in Funnelish and leaving Funnelish Pay on doesn’t seem to work. So there must be a configuration change in CF in order to use the new Funnelish Pay on existing funnels.

Thanks in advance!

Hello @jcherwak,

There is absolutely no change you have to do to make the app appear, did you make sure you’ve enabled the app under global /Apps?

Funnelish Pay, does not require doing absolutely anything within Clickfunnels as opposed to the PayPal plugin.

Do let us know your order form URL, maybe email us the link to [email protected] (if can’t share it here) and we’ll check it out and let you know the exact reason why the app is not loaded on your funnel,

The app documentation is being updated regularly to add more details, we are also working on video tutorials which should be released soon as well.

Hello @samlee,

I actually created a new Test Funnel in CF to see if I could get the app to appear.

Steps I took:

  1. In Funnelish, I set the Funnelish Global Apps -> Funnelish Pay Activated
  2. In Funnelish, I created new funnel and named Test Funnel
  3. In CF, I created a new funnel called Test Funnel
  4. In CF, I copied Funnelish head tracking code to the settings area in my CF test funnel
  5. In CF, I created and copied the Funnish webhook URL to a new webhook in my CF test funnel
  6. In Funnelish, I created a order form new page and copied the CF order from URL into the settings
  7. In Funnelish, I created a new product
  8. In CF, under Settings -> 3rd Party Memberships I created a product configured for PayPal and installed the Cart Product ID from the Funnelish product
  9. In Funnelish, I activated the Funnelish Pay app, selected a theme, configured the Paypal and stripe payment options, and selected them. Saved everything.

I did not create products in CF.

After all of that, the order form for Funnelish Pay does not appear.

Out of those steps outlined above, what did I miss?

You mentioned that PayPal must be configured in CF. Where in CF does Paypal need to be configured?