Funnelish Pay - order summary problem

I am using Fancify and Funnelish Pay apps in my funnel.

I have an order bump and 4 products added to my funnel in Funnelish.
However, in my order page, I am seeing when the Order Summary loads, it is loading all 4 products instead of the default product I have chosen through the Fancify app.

The default value also doesn’t show up.
When I tick the checkbox for order bump, that value also isn’t added to order summary. But, when the Order Bump is chosen, the duplicated 4 products listed there goes off and nothing is updated.

Not sure what is happening. My funnel is stuck cos of this.

Pls help… @samlee

Hey @DasDesigns_Biz,

Can you please upload some screenshots into a reply to know what exactly you mean to know how to better assist you, also if you can please share the URL to your order form page.