Funnelish PayPal + Deadline Funnel

Hey guys,

Has anyone successfully integrated PayPal with Deadline Funnel? We tried it two nights ago, but received two strange errors. One of them was “the link you have used to enter the PayPal system is invalid.”

Needless to say, after my troubleshooting steps failed, I had to remove the Funnelish script from our header and the funnel-wide products so the live funnel would function properly.

I’ve heard from others that the two don’t mix. What’s the official word?


I personally have no clue what “Deadline funnel” means?
Could you PM me a link I can see!

As for troubleshooting the apps, I think in case of doubt you can easily turn off any App that might be causing any issues without having to remove the entire code from your funnel… though that’s fine too.

Generally, our apps can’t distinguish between the purpose of any given funnels all it really care about is whether it’s an Order form, OTO page or a TYP. That’s it… As long as your page falls in one of those types it should be integrated.

###The ERROR

That PayPal error, I guess it means that you might have some wrong parameter, like missing currency, seller email, or in worst cases your PayPal account is misconfigured… I personally need to see the actual page in question in order to provide more insights.


Hi Yassine,

Here’s a link that explains Deadline Funnel:

And here’s some documentation on expiring URLs:

How would we integrate this with Funnelish?


hmm… generally funnelish doesn’t need to be integrated to that deadline funnel app :slight_smile: but instead just connect it to whatever funnel steps you might have :slight_smile: and it should work just fine.

Hope that helps!

Right, but Deadline Funnel redirects visitors from one ClickFunnels URL to another after a certain period of time. How should I handle that? I’m thinking of two possibilities:

  1. Add the second URL as a variation

  2. Add additional funnel steps in Funnelish, to accommodate the redirect URL

Yep both options are acceptable just the former is by default supported already, while the last one comes with more limitations like having to repeat your funnel and thus it’s not guaranteed to work

I would assume if you can get the deadline funnel to work on the same funnel with the only part changing are the parameters (ie. what comes after the ? Symbol) then all you need is simply adding the basic stripped url (ie. Without the ? Nor the # symbols nor what comes after those two).