Funnelish PayPal integration does not work in my 2 step order form

I saw a video on setting up funnelish (video by Peter Pru), I did everything that was shown on the video but it didn’t work out as expected.
For your info: It’s a Free + Shipping funnel in which I have a forced international shipping product added with the CF Pro Tools “CF International Shipping” Addon, alongside 4 other products (quantity based 1x 2x 3x products + bump order)
Your help will be much appreciated.

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Hi @Sm_Sanders,

I’d recommend that you contact [email protected] and you’ll get an agent to look into your funnel setup one-on-one, that’s best way of getting it fixed faster, as the your post doesn’t have sufficient details to guide you to the right direction, Hope that helps, also using that CFProTools addon shouldn’t be a problem.