Funnelish Paypal Problems in Clickfunnels

Someone had the same problems already with Funnelish?

  1. after testing the Funnel with PP and after purchasing OTO#1 it should redirect to the downsell but instead redirected directly to the order confirmation page. With credit card it works perfectly.
    The funnel is set up all correct in Funnelish. Any ideas how to fix it?

  2. When testing the Funnel with PP, on the order confirmation page it doesnt show the actual products. Found out now that it is not possible with PP to have a dynamically updated confirmation page. Workaround would be a second order confirmation page in the funnel only for PP? How do you guys set this up then that it is not shown for CC orders?

  3. How do you setup the FB tracking correctly so it works for both payments Stripe and PP?


  1. Hmm, do you have some redirect setup in your steps? or perhaps you have wrong step types in Funnelish?

  2. It’s easy, in CF just add a new step (a static thank you page) at the end of the funnel (or exclude it from the funnel ie. remove it from the funnel without deleting it). and then add that step to your Funnelish funnel in place of the order confirmation.

  3. Super easy, use the Facebook Pixel App, enable the app in both /Apps and Funnel > Apps and give it your Pixel ID number, and make sure to NOT add any codes of your pixel at all to any step, as the app will handle everything for you.

Hi Samantha,

thanks very much for your answer!

  1. I deleted all redirects now but still the same problem. Funnel in Funnelish is set up correctly, 100%. Also with the actual URL of CF steps.

  2. Ok thanks, gonna remove the order summary so we have the same thank you page for all customers. They gonna get a confirmation mail from Shopify anyways :slight_smile:

  3. Have now on the order form Pageview + Viewcontent but on the order confirmation but also just PV + VC. There should be purchase, no?

btw: is it normal that the Clickfunnels webhook URL in Funnelish changes daily? Today it shows another URL in the same funnel than yesterday :thinking:

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Yep, it’s normal, and it has been updated to avoid changing frequently.

From your screenshot I see you have a Downsell, it will only go to that downsell when users say no to your OTO offer, otherwise if they say yes they’ll go directly to the offer-wall step.

You can fix that by just changing the step type of your “downsell” step to Upsell (in Funnelish).

I’m also having an issue where one PP sale did not register with CF and assuming it is because of the webhook URL?

When the Webhook URL has changed do we need to go back and update? If so, do you add this as a new webhook and leave the previous? And what controls can be put into place to alert us of new webhooks? This is really troubling if we need to make it part of the process to check the webhook URLs in our 20+ funnels everyday.

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Hi @justdeandre,

I don’t think it’s the same case, the topic above talks about the opposite case, tracking CF orders inside Funnelish, while your case is for tracking Funnelish orders inside CF.

I believe if it’s only a single sale that wasn’t tracked in CF, it could be a temporary downtime on CF end, and there is nothing we can do about it unless the number of sales that are affected is much more.

As for the webhook, you do not have to change the webhook AT ALL, you only set it once and forget it :slight_smile: for All funnels, Each funnel has a different webhook of course. And a single webhook per funnel is sufficient.

Hope that helps out :slight_smile:

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