Funnelish Paypal : using the order form email instead of paypal email


I would like to know if there is a way to use the email entered in the order form instead of the paypal email ?

At the moment, I use ActiveCampaign.

What happens is :

  • user input his email in the order form
  • he pays with paypal (throught funnelish)
  • he gets sent the product link to his paypal email

My biggest problem is :

  • If he use another email, he still receive mails from the sale automation because he wasn’t tagged as a client.
    ( client’s former email in lead list + client’s paypal email in client list)

Is there something I could do ?


That’s a very common scenario, Since Clickfunnels tracks purchases to each different “Payer” email not optin one (for PayPal sales)…

A workaround for that would be that you use Funnelish’s own product Automation :wink:

Using Funnelish own product automation you can create automation that works with optin email or payer or both at the same time.

You can create automations under each product Automations tab.

Hope that helps :wink:

Oh great ! Thanks.

If I use Funnelish automation, should I desactivate something in clickfunnels ?

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No not really, You won’t even need to track your sales in CF anymore if you don’t need them :slight_smile:

It seems I have a weird problem :

When I check " Send to optin email instead of Payer email?" and save
It doesn’t register

So the feature isn’t working. And I don’t understand what is the problem.

Could you help ?


Another weird thing :
My stats got reset and I am not sure why (I still have all the payment data I had).

Maybe it was when I changed curency from USD to EUR.
Is that possible ?

I’m having this same problem, the check box is not saving after setting it. Can anyone help?