Funnelish paypal + Zapier --> Problem with variants


All my orders on clickfunnels go to a google sheet via Zapier but I’m have a big problem when the order is made with Paypal.

So, I created custom-type dropdown menus on my order form for variants, and then the information my customers put in those dropdown are reported under the “contact” tab on clickfunnel as “additional info”. Then Zapier sends a zap to my google sheet as I set every column properly for variants. It works fine when I pay with stripe, all the information are correctly updated in a new row even if it’s a returning customer.

However, here is the problem. When I pay with paypal, the additional info that are supposed to go to the google sheet are not updated if it’s a returning customer (someone who uses the same email address twice). Let’s say I placed a first order with paypal and I picked the color RED as my variant, then few hours later I place a second order with the same paypal account but pick BLUE as my variant, on the google sheet it’s gonna show RED and RED on both rows! I guess the contact information did not update for my second order and I don’t know what to do… I spent hours trying to figure out what was wrong.

I really hope someone could help me on this one. I know it’s a bit complicated i’m sorry.
Thanks in advance guys!


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Hi @alexdetana,

your case is quite interesting, especially that we are currently working on some variants related features.

Just one question, when paying using PayPal, does it update the variants entry on your CF backend correctly? or doesn’t!