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Funnelish proper api request to klaviyo for phone number

Hi all,

In my funnel, I have an automation to add a customer a klaviyo list when s/he submits their contact information

But when funnelish captures that lead, it posts the phone number to the ‘information’ section of klaviyo and not the actual phone number section (see screenshot).

I’d like the phone number to be sent to the ‘phone number’ section of Klaviyo – my end goal is to trigger an abandoned cart sequence from 2 step order form.

(Note: I’ve already reached out via support & I’m only collecting US phone numbers)

Please advise – also if there is a funnelish repo I could take a look at, I’d be happy to look at the code

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Hi @jjlundy ,

Sorry for the delay, haven’t seen this post earlier enough,

Actually we do that on purpose (ie. Adding the phone number under info rather than contact).

Because when a phone number with an invalid format is sent to Klavyio, Klaviyo would drop the whole contact and would fail to track it.

Unfortunately, Klaviyo should’ve been more lean on tracking phone numbers of all formats.

Also, it only supports a certain US numbers format, that’s why we do not sync the numbers into that exact field.

Once Funnelish has full phone number validation in place, it will certainly start syncing phone numbers into the contact field instead, but we do not have an exact ETA on this at the moment,

Hope that helps explain the reason behind the above issue,