Funnelish to Shopify or Googlesheets?

Hi there,
Right now we’re only accepting payments in clickfunnels via PAYPAL for our products.

I’m trying to use Apptrends to send my orders from CF to Shopify. However, the paypal orders from funnelish do not show up in Clickfunnels… (they do show up in Funnelish just fine)


  1. Is there a way to make the orders show up in clickfunnels from paypal orders?
  2. If (1.) is not possible, is there a way to connect Funnelish directly to Shopify?
  3. If (2.) is not possible, is there a way to connect Funnelish to googlesheets or Zapier?

Just looking for ways to automate this process.

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Hey, having this issue as well. Any ideas Yassine or Sam?

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Thanks for reviving this @Mark, Actually that’s a pretty easy one to fix.

  1. Is there a way to make the orders show up in clickfunnels from paypal orders?

Absolutely, that’s what the Webhook URL is for, the process in short is like this:

  1. Create tracking products under Funnel > Settings in Clickfunnels.

  2. Use your Cart Product ID from your Funnelish product to create each of those products.

  3. Add your PayPal webhook URL to your Funnelish funnel settings.
    That entire process is shown in the tutorial under Apps > PayPal Plugin > Info.
    You can also find a guide for that here: Tracking Funnelish orders inside Clickfunnels, We know that process can be quite daunting at first that’s why we don’t recommend it all the time we instead recommend doing option #2 (below). Though we have agents that might help you one-on-one to set it up if necessary.

  1. If (1.) is not possible, is there a way to connect Funnelish directly to Shopify?

This is certainly possible, and it’s the recommended thing to do, as it’s much easier to setup and to maintain. You can easily connect your Shopify store to Funnelish, just go to your Funnelish account > Integrations, select Shopify, enter your store name and hit connect.

Once that’s done, go back to your Products (within Funnelish) and add new automations (as many as needed) to your product, an automation using Shopify can be used to create dynamic orders of multiple products and quantities for each order you receive through Funnelish, it does support advanced variants as well.

  1. If (2.) is not possible, is there a way to connect Funnelish to googlesheets or Zapier?

Sadly not directly, but if you connect your Clickfunnels account to your Funnelish funnel correctly it can be done through Clickfunnels.

Hope that was of any help, sorry for not seeing your post earlier @suvip and thank you @Mark for bringing it up again.

Hey Sam, thanks for the explanation. I was actually looking for Funnelish orders to go to Clickfunnels, because Funnelish creates multiple orders with the native Shopify integration inside Funnelish, which doesn’t work well for me. I was looking for a solution where all the products match up and push to Shopify under one order, which AppTrends does.

So, can you please assist me with setting this system up? I need Funnelish orders to push to AppTrends, essentially (Funnelish -> CF -> AppTrends). Unless you know of a way to include multiple products from a customer to go into just 1 order on Shopify.

Also, I would appreciate any solutions you have for my other thread of inconsistent pixel tracking. I’ve been having these issues for over year now, across many different funnels, and have heard the same things from others. Maybe a coincidence, maybe something on my funnel interfering with it – any ideas? Thanks you :slight_smile:

Sure @Mark, In order to get your Funnelish orders to AppTrends we’ll first have to figure out why they aren’t being synced with CF. Generally, there are two possible causes of that (only):

  1. Your webhook URL is wrong, double-check that the webhook URL under Funnel > Settings (in Funnelish) matches the one your PayPal products under Funnel > Settings > Membership Access (in Clickfunnels) have.

  2. For each product on that step in Funnelish, you are given a generated “CART Product ID” under “Clickfunnels Tracking” section. All you have to do is make sure that all your PayPal products in Clickfunnels under Funnel > Settings > Membership Access have their relevant cart product ID’s.

One last thing worth mentioning, we’ve had cases where tracking fails when the product name contains some weird symbols, such as the Trademark symbol.

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Yeah, I think it’s the trademark symbol that broke it. Haven’t tested it though. Thanks!


Hey @samlee is it possible to send Funnelish orders for multiple products under just 1 order on Shopify? In my testing, this did not work for me, so unfortunately I won’t be able to use it in this case (this creates many problems for fulfillment). Let me know – thank you!

Hi @Mark, thanks for your reply,

We’ve had that feedback multiple times now. And our team is considering having it released on the next iteration, hopefully sometime next month.

For the time being, sadly Funnelish does not bundle orders into one on Shopify it would rather just send orders as they arrive.

I’ll be updating this thread if something new comes up,