FunnelishPay - product radio button not "selected" on ClickFunnels 2nd step of 2-page order form

Using FunnelishPay - the radio button for my funnel product is NOT selected when the step 2 of the order form loads. How can I make the radio button default to “selected” when step 2 loads?


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Hello Liz,

Thank you for your question, I believe you haven’t selected a default option yet in Your Funnel > Apps > Funnelish Pay it should look something like this:

Click on the checkbox (circle) next to your payment option in order for it to be selected.

Hope that helps, do let me know if that helps,

Sam, Thanks for the reply but you misunderstood my question. the funnelishpay insert radio button works JUST FINE.

The radio button for my funnel product is NOT selected

The way is should work:
When I tried the Funnelish PayPal plugin, and another non-funnelish PayPal plug in that didn’t work, the buyer coming from my sales page to the OptIn page would automatically see the product name with the radio button to the left of the product name selected:

(*) My product name

(*) Credit card
( ) PayPal

The Way FunnelishPay works:
But now in FunnelishPay, the Product name radio button is NOT selected. As a result, my buyer HAS TO CLICK THE PRODUCT NAME radio button. FunnelishPay is the only product of 4 I’ve tried on the opt in page that makes the buyer do this. In short… FunnelishPay is the only combo creditcard/PayPal app that works in my funnel, but it BREAKS the product selection on the OptIn Page.

( ) My product name (<— this is the radio button that is NOT selected in FunnelishPay)

(*) Credit Card
( ) PayPal

Can you help?? The Funnelish PayPal plug in DOES NOT BREAK this, so it must handle the product selection data differently.


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Oh thank you for the explanation @Liz, I think providing your order form URL would help a lot to investigate the issue, but I know of one case where that’s commonly happening, which is when you are using Fancify (along any payment app) and then you have some product selected by default that is not shown in the list.

It can be quite tricky to find out, but I do recommend that you send us an email to [email protected] with a URL to your order form and we’ll verify the source of the problem.

Also, nothing should prevent any of the payment apps to work (whether it’s PayPal Plugin or others),

Hope that helps, looking forward to hearing from you,

Have the same problem.
No products selected, but also there is

Problem #2: changing the product does NOT update the selected product name and the total amount - below the CC form.

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For product selection @Nefig, you’ll have to enable highlighting as Funnelish Pay will not be affected by the default product in Clickfunnels, instead, the default product must be selected in Funnelish, the only way to do that is by enabling “Is highlighted” option in your Funnelish product then checking the “selected by default” option: