Getting downloads to customers

I’ve gotten the PayPal process to work when a customer purchases, and since the order confirmation page doesn’t integrate with PayPal, I only have access to the original FE download.

How do I go about getting my customers access to any of the other upgrades (including order bump and OTOs) when they invest in them?

I’ve tested buying from multiple emails using the fulfillment email from ClickFunnels and also integrating the purchase with my autoresponder, but neither of those has sent emails upon purchase.

Are there any other ways to make that happen?

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Yes, that’s very doable!

Let me explain each case alone:

  1. Order Bumps:
    Clickfunnels doesn’t “genuinely” support/allow Order Bumps for PayPal or 3rd Party Access Gateways. So we’ve come up with our own way (well @yassine did to be fair) which is in order for Clickfunnels to track a PayPal sale we combine the product your customer bought with the order bump if they bought it too, into a single product and report it back to Clickfunnels.
    That’s what this box is for:
    When you have an order bump, you’ll have to create two products in Clickfunnels 3rd Party Access, for each product in Funnelish side.
    First product having the ID "Cart Product ID"
    Second product having the ID "Cart Product (Product + Order Bump) which is triggered when your customers buy the product with an order bump.
    Hope my explanation was understandable there is absolutely no easy way to explain that :slight_smile: but the good news is if you’re using Klaviyo or ActiveCampaign, you can just ignore that entire step and send the automations from within Funnelish itself it’s more accurate and doesn’t require any mumbo jumbo.

If you are interested in an automation/integration we don’t have yet, you can start a new topic and suggest it we will be happy to add it to our #todo list.

  1. OTOs
    OTO’s are probably the easiest to setup (there is no order bump), you can just add an identical product to the one you have in Funnelish to your 3rd Party Access area, make sure the webhook URL is correct, and the product IDs match the ones in Funnelish…
    You can setup any automation for each product in Clickfunnels under “Automations tab”, Or as said above, if you use Klaviyo or ActiveCampaign you may send the automations directly from Funnelish itself.

Let me know if you have any further questions :slight_smile: will be happy to assist you through

Thanks for the help James, appreciate it.

I’ve gone through the tutorial videos and setup all of my products with the proper webhook and IDs for them (or at least I believe I have), and still no fulfillment emails coming in.

Would it be best if I did a quick video overview to see if you can spot anything I need to fix?


That would be helpful @canz,

There are two questions we ask in similar cases:

  1. Are your orders shown under the Orders tab in Funnelish?
    If No then that means your PayPal account is mis configured or limited, in this case usually calling PayPal support and asking them to enable PayPal IPN would do. If they don’t we can give you a workaround from our side that will fix the problem.

  2. Are your orders shown under the SALES tab in Clickfunnels?
    If No then that means you did something wrong while doing the tracking part as @James described. In this case two things can go wrong:

    • Your webhook Url: Wrong, or forgotten.
    • Your Cart Product IDs: Wrong or forgotten as well.

Other than that I really don’t see anything else that could go wrong :slight_smile: but a video overview will still be helpful seeing things from your side.


Thanks that was very helpful.

The problem was not having my IPN turned on in PayPal, so it’s working now.

Thanks again.