Having issues with adding webhook from CF

I am haiving issues with new funnels going to paypal homepage and not payment page.
I have tried with 3 different funnels and set ups but I can not get it to work, older funnels are working ok.

The only issue i am seeing is when i load the webhook url into settings i just get a spinning circle… I leave it say 10 seconds and refresh the page and its there so I assume all went in ok.

But it will not redirect to correct page.

Anyone else having issues with loading new funnels either to paypal or just the webhook url spinning.


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Hi @michael77 ,

PayPal going to homepage instead of checkout page when using PayPal Plugin usually means:

  1. Either, PayPal account details under Funnel > Settings weren’t given properly or empty (PayPal email or business ID).

  2. Or, Currency not set or set to non-supported one under Funnel > Settings.

That issue is not related to webhooks, PayPal Plugin app works regardless of the webhook being setup or not,

Hope that helps,