HEADS UP: Double Check If Your Funnels Working Properly [June 13th, 2018]


Clickfunnels is making some changes to their order forms, causing them to break when used with Funnelish… We’ve made sure to take immediate action and made our PayPal Apps compatible with the recent changes…

But still, there are some accounts facing issues, either disappearing Credit Card Forms or even totally down order form pages with 404 error (like our own main sales page) (as of the time of writing this).

PayPal and other apps are not affected and sales made through Funnelish™ will continue to be processed the same way.

So please make sure to double check your funnels. make sure are operating correctly… and let us know if in this thread if you are facing any issue with your funnel our team will be ready to handle it.

Funnelish™ Team

All of order cart of my funnel not found also the cart in 2 step like this.

And now?

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I’ve got the same issue.

All credit card fields are hidden. You say that it was already fixed but it isn’t.

What do we do now and do you expect a fix anytime soon.

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Hey @niksaev, @Raimondo, It has been solved and an update was rolled out :wink: check your funnels and let us know if there are any issues.