Hello... I'm new here. I have a PayPal Pro Account

I have a PayPal Pro Account… and want to know if and how the Clickfunnels+PayPal plugin works. Are there any video tutorials? Is there someone I can talk to about this?

Thank you.

Rich Farina

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Ok so first things first: Welcome @RichFarina to the community
Second, for your questions:

unfortunately there aren’t much tutorials/videos about our apps out there yet, there are few videos/toturials showing the paypal plugin used alongside our other apps in our Funnelish Apps for Clickfunnels directory.

And you can talk to me obviously just reply to this post/ or tag me and will answer asap…

PS. The Paypal App is only part of a part of a list of other apps for Clickfunnels we have, which you get as well…

Hope that helps,