help please with my payment integration with clickfunnels

Hi, I have a question?

I have problems with the integration of payments to my web page, I already did the integration with clickfunnels and it is not possible for it to work.

Say new in the handling of this tool

I thank who can help me.

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Hey @cesar,
Have you checked this tutorial from Peter?

Also can you be more specific, at which stage are you?

The name of the product DOES NOT appear on the payment form, nor does the price of the product appear, in addition, the space of paying with a credit card does not work either does not work to pay with paypal. I already did the test.

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Hello @cesar,

I believe you’ll need to share your order form URL or PM me the link, so we understand what you mean…

Hi, I already send you a message to the email with the link of the page where the problem is seen


video 2

in these two videos I show how I did all the steps to configure paypal, clickfunnel and funnelish. I hope you understand me.