Here is a good solution for OTO 1 click upsell that zipify is using that you could achieve with your app

Hi support team, please check this video:

this will fix most of the issues, i have the zipify app and it works flawlessly, please check it out and see how perhaps you can come out with your paypal V3 improvements



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Hello @mobiteky_geek,

The way that app explains is is the way we do it already, in fact our setup for both V1 and V2 is way much simpler for our users, all you have to do is provide your PayPal email (for v1) or provide your API details (for v2) and that’s it…

If you don’t have reference transactions your upsells will work just fine as well, but your customers will have to click “Pay Now” On a secure PayPal page which is exactly what that article says it does :slight_smile:

If that’s not the way it works for you currently or have some better ideas or I got it wrong then please explain further, we’d love to hear your ideas and make them come to life :wink:

Hi thanks for the reply, i am using paypal v2 and 2 things

1- it does not always work sometimes it does not go through my 2 upsells,
2- many times it does not end in my order confirmation page so in my clickfunnels account is as if i am not getting any completed/confirmed orders (this most important part for me)
is there a fix for this
let me know
thank you

Hello @mobiteky_geek,

Sorry for late reply, so:

Well, we need to know more details at which page it happens and how can we reproduce it or when it happens so we can reproduce the issue on our end :slight_smile: We have other users using v2 and didn’t get any queries about it so far.

Well, there is nothing to force your customers to visit the TYP, even with Stripe your customers might give up and drop off of your funnel at any OTO step :slight_smile: going through to the last TYP is not required for any reason :slight_smile: Or can you reword your idea in another way?


Hi Samantha,

thanks for replying as always, always i will continue to monitor, my main issue is not getting the order confirmation and the address not appearing in paypal so no paypal seller protection also its causing people to get abandonned cart emails although they have already checked out since there is no order confirmation hapening.

  1. i notice you have the funnelish pay which has the paypal express will this be addressing those issues
    let me know
    thank you

Ok so about Funnelish Pay, that’s hopefully coming somewhere at the end of the year, and its main propose is just centralizing how your payments are processed :slight_smile:

As for the seller protection, that’s indeed something we are looking into its do-ability in the near future :slight_smile:

As for your customers getting the abandonment email, that means:

  1. Your customers opted in using an email, and then purchased using another and then you use Clickfunnels’ own automations which only tracks payer emails.

I suggest if you are using ActiveCampaign, Orderlytics, or Klaviyo to use our own integrations directly from within Funnelish which will allow you to send confirmation emails to optin emails as well and exclude them from your abandonment sequences…etc