Highlight Popular Product Not Working

The highlight popular product is not working.

Hi @mike,

How so? saying “not working” doesn’t clearly help much identifying your issue :slight_smile: Could you please let me know more I could possibly help or someone else from the community might offer you some assistance.

Generally, in order for the highlighting to work, you’ll have to turn on the “Fancify” app on your funnel first.


Good point, sorry for making my statement so brief. I wasn’t aware that we had to use “Fancify”. We don’t want to use that so we just used the code from CFProTools.com.

Does funnelish cache information? We changed our PayPal email address under “profile” but PayPal is still directing users to the old email address.


The Paypal email on your profile is indeed the default paypal email,
But on each funnel you might have a different paypal email, so change that under “Optional” :slight_smile:

As for Fancify, we are working on improving the app and adding more advanced stuff to it, so stay tuned for that and make sure to join our group to receive latest notifications about that.

Hope that helps!