How can I edit the price of my products

Hi there !
Hope you’re doing great.
I tried to edit the prices of my main product + my order bump.
I’m using ClickFunnels + Funnelish and Paypal plugin from Funnelish.
So, I set a price for my main product + my order bump
I wanted to increase the price of my main product and decrease the price of my order bump
What I did is :

  • CLICKFUNNELS > MY FUNNEL > SETTINGS > bottom of the page, I changed the prices editing the prices of (i) my main product, (ii) my order bump, (iii) total of the main product + order bump
  • FUNNELISH > MY FUNNEL > ORDER FORM > I edited the prices of the main product + the price of the order bump
    However, prices didnt change into my website. Did I miss something? Thank you!
    @samlee @yassine Any recommendations ?


There is one other area where you might need to change the price in your funnel.

Go to Clickfunnels > Your Funnel > Go to your Order Form page > Click on Products. Check if you have changed your prices here as well.

@DPlanche Thank you David, I completely forgot to edit this section too.

All seems fine now. Thank you very much.