How Do I connect Clickfunnels to funnlish?

Hi there,

Just bought the funnelish app and I’m looking at youtube videos to help me connect it to my clickfunnels funnel.

When I create a new funnel I cant find the web hook field… Its just asks me for the funnel name.

Any ideas?


Having the same issue. The youtube video is way outdated and they have no set up doc’s just this forum which is totally unacceptable.

Same here! Just bought this and I the tutorial doesn’t match up.
I have no idea where to start.
Is there an updated tutorial?

Ok, so I think the problem was that I was clicking on the “pencil” icon thinking that this would let me edit the funnel, but that pencil icon is only there to edit the name of the funnel.
If I click directly on the name of the funnel THEN I can see the rest of the options.
The UX is not very clear on this…