How to add individually customised product variants to your sales funnel

In this short article, I will take you through how easily you can add product variants to your sales funnel, as well as customise each of them with a different price, pictures etc.

Adding product variants to your sales funnel

  • Head to your products section and click on the desired product where you want to add variants.

  • Add new variant/s as wished (Colour, Size, etc)

  • Manage your variants and set custom prices and/or images for each.


  • Save your changes and that’s it!

More on product variants…

✓ Variants can be connected to Shopify and any other platform through integrations thus benefiting from automatic variant matching.

✓ Custom prices can be set for each variant separately.

✓ Custom images can be applied to each variant separately.

✓ Variants work on single-checkout, multi-checkout, and quantity-checkout product lists alike.

✓ Product variant images are well optimised as all the images in your Funnelish pages to not affect page load speed.

✓ Product Variants can be used alongside highlighting for the same products as well.

✓ Variants can be managed from within the editor as well.