How to add Products to Clickfunnels without having a Credit Card Gateway?


I’m really hoping someone can help me in regards to getting paypal running for my funnel on clickfunnels.

So I’m from the UAE, and can’t use stripe etc… However the paypal tutorial video explains using stripe, and I dont have infusionsoft etc…

I’ve tried to figure it out, and looked through other threads here, but I’m not really getting anywhere.

The funnel process is

Order > OTO > Order confirmation, so I need to use the 1 Click Upsell capability.

However I just cannot seem to add products to clickfunnels because I dont have stripe.

I appreciate your help and feedback and hope to have this working asap!


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Hi @hchammas,

In order to add products to your funnel in Clickfunnels even if you don’t have any Credit Card gateway, simply go under Gateways (in Clickfunnels) and add a Bluesnap or Infusionsoft gateway…

You’ll get asked for Credentials or Api Details, give it anything random and save changes :wink: That will give you a gateway you can use to add products to Clickfunnels without having an actual Credit Card gateway…

Let me know how that goes,

Hey @yassine,

This worked fine thanks

However, I have another issue now,

I’ve managed to get the first ‘order form’ payment to work however my OTO page just refreshes when there is a #NO-LINK clicked… there is only one product on the OTO page and it’s impossible to finish the funnel sequence.

When I press #YES-LINK I then get prompted to go back to paypal to pay again, it’s not really a 1 click upsell as such (unsure if this is normal, imagined it’d be more fluid). However it technically works and redirects to order confirmation, so the funnel sequence is complete.

Side note… I’m also not actually getting the clickfunnels sales tracked in the stats of the funnel, although the purchase of the first product shows in Clickfunnels ‘sales’ dropdown.

Anyone? Can someone help on this @samlee maybe?

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Thanks for the tag @hchammas, your previous post went unseen :sweat_smile:

Yes, that’s how it should normally work, PayPal won’t allow you to charge your customers without that, the good thing at least is that your customers will only have to click “Pay Now” in paypal and that’s it they won’t have to login again. Unless you have Reference Transactions which is very hard to get approved for you won’t be able to process payments with true 1 click upsells like Stripe does.

That’s a known bug in Clickfunnels, somehow it’s unable to show stats even though it shows and tracks the sales correctly.

Thank you @samlee for the reply, all of that makes sense

However, what you didn’t cover was the no-link just refreshing the OTO page. It’s impossible to move through the funnel if someone selects no. This is my issue preventing me from launching this funnel to live traffic.


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Ok, so let us see what a no-link does to a funnel,

As we all know, no-link when a user clicks it to refuse your offer, they will be taken to the next “downsell”, if there is no next downsell (and all upsells next) then the customer will be taken to the Thank You Page.

So do you have a downsell or a Thank you page in your Funnelish funnel? did you add them to Funnelish?