How to become a Funnelish Affiliate?

Hey guys - LOVE your app, it’s awesome and all of that. I wanted to start sending clients here to sign up for Funnelish if there was an affiliate program (which I see from links there technically is supposed to be) - but when I signed up for your affiliate program I realized you kept the ClickFunnels template affiliate setup instead of customizing it at all (which basically means there is no affiliate setup because you HAVE to customize it in order for it to work properly).

If you guys need help with this just shoot me an email (I won’t put it here on the forum but you can check my account records and I check that email address daily), it’s a 5 minute fix i’m happy to help with if you can setup the affiliate program right so I can start sending you some more customers!

David Ellis


Hi @DavidEllis,

Thanks for the heads up it’s true. Funnelish was never ever Promoted, and some what the team never focuses on promoting at all at least as of this stage, the number one priority is getting a solid platform and making our current user base happier :slight_smile: without wasting too much effort into marketing.

As far as I’m aware of, there is an Affiliate section in Funnelish under Account > Affiliates, which leads to a Clickfunnels Backpack funnel.

But you can send me a PM or to @yassine he is the one in charge of most stuff… and will be happy to cooperate in that :slight_smile:

@yassine Are you able to reach out to me regarding how to become an Affiliate?

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Hi @Adam_Christenson,

Happy to help you through it, so the easiest way to become an affiliate is to just login to your Funnelish Apps account, then head to “Affiliate”:

Then Click one of those buttons to login or to signup :slight_smile:

Once logged in into the affiliate area, you can grab your affiliate links and start using them, that’s really it.

If you have any other questions or need assistance, feel free to let me know :slight_smile:

Hey @samlee I do have another question can you help me?

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Of course feel free to ask :slight_smile: that’s what this forum is for :wink: