How to Change the Order of Products?

To my knowledge, the order of the products in each funnel step in funnelish, is how paypal determines the price of the product selected.

My question is, how do you change the order of the products in the funnel steps? I’ve attempted to simply drag the products into a different order and tried saving changes in the product level and also in the funnel step level. Can someone please advise !

Maybe try a different browser and drag them over? Or just delete the product that’s out of order and belongs at the end and reinstall it.

As @yosoytroy said, simply dragging the products would do the trick! If that doesn’t work then let us know the browser you are using it will be giving it a try…

The order of the products doesn’t affect the price, but it affects which product gets selected when a customer picks the product to buy in your funnel, thus your products must be in the same order as your Clickfunnels products 1:1.

Hope that helps, feel free to reply back with how it’s going…

I’m using Google Chrome and I was unable to rearrange the order of the products, but I just duplicated the products in the proper order and deleted the original products so that the order was correct.