How to Edit orders?

I drive traffic to funnelish and get people to order through there, and its synced to Shopify.
Almost 30% of the orders need editing, but it seems impossible to edit orders on Funnelish nor Shopify.

Anyone found any work around for this?

Is this a bug?

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Hi @goodmerchant, no it’s not a bug. Shopify does not allow editing orders that were made in other channels outside Shopify.

Workaround could be:

  1. Clone the order and edit it (in Shopify).
  2. Or, Create new order from scratch inside Shopify since those edits are done manually anyways! there is not need to edit them. Just create new orders for them instead!

It also depends on what edits you want to do? If it’s editing meta tags, notes…etc that can be done in Shopify, if you want to edit the Shopify order itself (Quantity, Variants…etc) that’s something Shopify does not allow unless you do it the above way. It all depends on your use-case really…