How to get 93%+ Optin Rate On Your Landing Page?

In this short article, I’ll be discussing some of the tips and tactics I used to bring in that crazy optin rate! 93.75%.

Here we go:

1. Scarcity

The obvious one would be scarcity, you don’t really need to lie about “your” scarcity nor add any fake timer… simply mention something like “100 spots left…etc” on your Facebook Ad and on your Landing Page as well, use a reasonable number, don’t go extreme i.e. “only one spot left…”!!! make it reasonable and authentic and you’ll be just fine.

2. Do Not Disclose Everything On Your Ad!

Most marketers out there, keep saying that you need to write a long, detailed ad copy, and must let your audience know what they are opting to… And I must say that’s dumb! No one has the time to spend reading your long copy… thus KISS (Keep It Simple & Stupid). Let your audience what’s in it for them… and briefly in a single “short” sentence let them know what it’s all about.

Something like:

“Do you love Hunting? Grab this FREE book, only 100 copies left.”

> **PS.** Don't try to outsmart your customers.

3. Add Bonuses To Your Landing Page

Adding some “unexpected” bonuses to your landing page will definitely turn the other 50% of your skeptical visitors into leads. That’s just an extra reason why they should leave their name & email.
At the other hand, disclosing all your bonuses on the Ad Copy won’t leave you anymore “chances” to convince your potential leads to subscribe. Preferably keep some of the bonuses for the upsells as well. Make an offer that NO ONE Will Say NO To.

4. Bullet Points

Keep your ad copy & Landing page copy. Clear & Clean… Describe your offer’s benefits with short bullet points instead of long boring paragraphs, no one has time to read these days.

5. Loading Speed

Make sure your page is loading as fast as possible, 2 seconds being your aim… anything above that should try to optimize it. Using tools such as Pingdom to analyze your landing page speed is going to help you discover all the lengthy resources affecting your page’s performance.

6. Above The Fold

Above the fold area is the screen area visible to your page visitors without the need to scroll down or left/right. Make sure that all your important headlines (hopefully only one) and optin controls are above the fold.

7. Reviews

Trust me on this, Create two identical pages and add reviews to one of them and you’ll notice the difference! In case you are using Clickfunnels, you may split test your landing page’s variations. Or you might use the A/B Testing Tool by Google.

8. Traffic Source

Finally and most importantly picking a good quality traffic source is crutial. Facebook Ads tends to be the best and the most affordable advertising platform for the time being… though that doesn’t mean simply create an ad and pray that it works. You’ll need to do an indepth research about your audience behaviour and understand their pain points and needs… that’s the only way you can come up with an ad that resonates with them.

That’s it for this article,
Hope this helps! :wink: