How to know that Paypal v1 is working well + Thank You page

Hi everyone,

1. Is it properly set-up

I set-up three funnels yesterday with the Paypal plugin V1 but I am wondering if it’s working well.

When I click on Order on my Order form, the page goes though Paypal so this step is working. However, I am worried seeing the Customer dashboard (ie. file attached below). What does that look like: someone who tried to order and didn’t gave his name? someone who tried to order but the order didn’t go through?

2. Thank you page

How to make sure that a customer who is using the Paypal plugin will be redirected to the Thank You page? (which is the usual process if he is using a card). My Thank You Page is the next step just after my Order form.

For now, I have added the Thank You Page URL just after the Order Form (on the right) into the Funnels in Funnelish

Thank you very much for your help and clarifications.

Please find attached another screenshot regarding the 1. Is it properly set-up

Please find attached a screenshot regarding the 2. Thank you page question on my first message.


Many thanks!

I believe there is something wrong with that screenshot, did you change it? what browser are you using? it should show customers like this:

so let us know more about that it should be fixed I believe…

Purchase Attempts: Purchase attempt means the customer who went to PayPal or tried to use PayPal but they didn’t make the purchase, perhaps it was only you testing it :slight_smile:

That’s all you have to do :slight_smile: Funnelish will take care of the rest, make sure to add your pages and sort them as needed and that’s it…

I believe other than that weird Customers Area screenshot everything looks fine to me :slight_smile:

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@samlee Unfortunately, the screenshot in file attached regarding the Customer part in my Dashboard is the actual screen I have. There was no mistake.

Do you have any idea?

Thank you !

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Can you tell us what browser are you using and can you try other browsers as well :slight_smile:

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@yassine Hi, I am using Google Chrome and I just tried with Internet Explorer.

Same screen for both of these browsers.

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Ok we will add this to our issues list and see if we can reproduce it on our end :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you for letting us know about it :pray:

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@yassine OK but do you know if the Paypal plugin is properly set-up on my funnel (order form)?

@samlee told me that everything looks fine but with this dashboard screen regarding the Customers, I’m kind of worried. Thanks!

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Ok so the customers dashboard is only there to help you see who are your customers and see the valuable ones across your entire account, also repeat buyers and so on, that dashboard does not affect the functionality of your app, but still that bug that the customers are not shown is a problem for us for sure, and we would love to fix it asap…

Other than that, you may PM us your order form link or share it publicly it’s okay to share links here, and we will check it out for you :slight_smile:


@samlee @yassine Hi guys, I just wanted to let you know that my dashboard is working well now.

Since I received the first order, the dashboard switch to the exact same look that your screenshot Samantha :slight_smile:

I received another order since then and everything seems pretty good on my end.

Thank you to both of you for your quick answers. :+1:

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