How to process Credit/Debit Cards through Paypal Only on Clickfunnels?

Hi Yasine,

Before I used Stripe, but my company is now based in Bulgaria and I can’t add a Bulgarian Business to Stripe.
That’s why I am now using your PayPal plugin.

But isn’t it possible to receive payments through Credit Card ánd PayPal, through Funnelish?
Because when I look at the PayPal Plugin settings, I can also select Credit Card?

So can I use the PayPal Plugin exclusively for CC and PayPal payments?

Thank you,

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hmm…ok so the Cards you see on that screen is about the “Logos” , that’s it selecting the kind of logo you want to be shown if any, that’s all.

As for paying through CC, Paypal itself once your customers decide to purchase through Paypal they can either login and then pick a card from within Paypal, or they can pay using a debit/credit card without having to have a paypal account, that’s how Paypal Express works.

So just hide the “Credit Card” (turn it off) and that will give your customers a single option to pay which is through Paypal, and they get the chance to pick through which means from within Paypal.

We also have some different gateways that might work on Bulgaria (like local gateways) but are still under beta testing :slight_smile:

Hope that helps!