How To See Paypal Sales In ClickFunnels


I test 3 time purchase to myself.
I double check webhook, product id, and test on 2 funnel.
I can not see sales from paypal in clickfunnel.

Please Help.

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Ok the question is do you see them on Funnelish > Funnel > Orders ? or not?

“No matching records found” I just see there is paypal v2, i will test with this app

If Funnelish itself couldn’t track the orders, that means either you disabled the orders tracking on your account, or PayPal doesn’t allow for it :slight_smile:

If it’s the second case, reach out to support and you’ll be given a temporary hack that should solve that for you :wink:

Good luck, and Yeah try the v2 (unless you are selling some subscription product).

Manage user data is enable.
What can I ask to PayPal, can you clarify ?
Paypal v2 don’t work for me. CTA button still on processing…

Thank you.

@yassine meant to contact funnelish support not PayPal (one of the solution that’s going to be proposed to you is contacting PayPal but that takes like forever) thus we’ll provide you a custom workaround that will work for your account :slight_smile:

Great, we send you a mail at [email protected]