How to see variants on funnelish order pages?

Hi there,

I have a funnel which contains variants in the order form. Currently I’ve made a test sales and I cant see the value of the variant (color: r/g/b) in the order details on funnelish.

Anyone has any idea?


Is there any update to this?

I’m unable to see variants of my product in the order details of funnelish or clickfunnels as well.
My product variants (jacket sizes) are also not mapping properly to my Shopify jackets.

The only way I can possibly determine which size the jacket is in the order is looking at the Clickfunnel webhook to funnelish which has the size in the JSON integration.

Anyone know of any workarounds or fixes to getting a jacket size from Clickfunnels to properly map or display in a Shopify order?



Im having exactly the same problem, the products variants in clickfunnels orders are not mapping correctly in shopify! Any help in this please?

They offer a lot of features up front but they dont deliver a stable product.

Also they think that we’re all code experts and their answers are kinda arrogant.

With this specific problem that you a I have I recommend to you to move to app trends, they dont hard sell all their features but they have an stable product witch is mainly the connection between shopify and cf