How to set up PayPal v2 in clickfunnels

I’ve successfully created both sandbox and live gateway in my funnelish funnels. But how do I hook it up with Clickfunnels? There’s no single instruction for this and I’m so confused. I used to be using the old PayPal plugin with clickfunnels and I know we need to add products in 3rd Party Membership Access, but what about PayPal v2?

Update The problem is now resolved!

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Perfect @Daniel_Horng, Just posting the solution here just in case anyone else reads through this thread, PayPal App v2 does not support syncing orders with Clickfunnels, since v2 support multi quantity orders and cart mode checkout while Clickfunnels doesn’t support those yet for PayPal orders.

So it turned out to be extremely easy. It’s exact how you set up PayPal v1, but in your funnelish app just remember to switch it to v2, also give it some times and refresh the page. My funnel was still in the v1 but after few minutes it automatically switched to v2, so if anyone’s funnel stuck in the v1, just gives it some times to sync the data up. That’s how my problem solved.

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