How to setup step URLs inside Funnelish?

Hi everyone,

I will have to split my funnel between my Wordpress blog and Clickfunnels :

  • My Sales page will be build in Wordpress as a regular page
  • My Order form will be managed by Clickfunnels
  • My other steps after that will also be managed by Clickfunnels

Basically my first step (Sales page) will be the only step without Clickfunnels.

How can I set-up my funnels inside Funnelish ? For now, I added all my steps within Funnelish from my Sales page to the last step (with the URL of the steps given in Clickfunnels).

  1. Because I will build the Sales page in Wordpress now, what URL can I add ? The exact same URL given by Wordpress ? ( ?

  2. Is it OK for Funnelish to have a Sales page on my Wordpress blog and all the other steps on ClickFunnels (I mean for the tracking, the payment, etc.) ?

Thank you!

Yes, the URL given by Wordpress should work fine.

But as a rule of thumb, simply copy whatever URL is shown by your browser when you access the page…

It’s absolutely fine as well, to have your sales page hosted anywhere else other that Clickfunnels, just make sure to mark it’s type in Funnelish as (Optin Page or Other).

Hope that helps, let us know if have further questions,