How to speed up loading time of my Clickfunnels landing page?

My Clickfunnels landing page is loading super slow, especially on mobile phones… I have few images on the page alongside some pure content, what should I do to speed-up the loading speed of this landing page?

  1. Add “async” to external javascript files

  2. Use Photoshop “Save For Web” functionality or some similar tool… to reduce the size of your pics 2mb is still a lot… your entire page should be around that max if not less.

  3. Use fewer redirects and stop using link shorteners (that’s an extra redirect). if you are using Clickfunnels. then don’t use the funnel URL it takes a long time to redirect from a funnel URL into the first step’s, instead use the step’s URL directly.

  4. Remove as much content as you can from above the fold area, keep only the important stuff.

  5. Don’t use too many fonts on a single page!

  6. Check your page using Pingdom or a similar tool to see which resource is taking the most time to load and see if you can get rid of it.

That’s it.


Let’s see some real time data:

47% of consumers expect a web page to load in 2 seconds or less.
40% of people abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load.

So yes, one second faster landing page speed can make a huge difference for your funnel.

Here is some tips on what you could do to speed up loading time on ClickFunnels landing page.

  • Avoid adding too many images or videos, embedded YouTube videos are known to slow down pages a lot.

  • Check your page for any hidden Sections, rows or elements (especially Credit Card form and two step order form elements).

  • avoid embedding scripts, videos or large images above the fold.

  • Compress your files!

  • Use a CDN - ClickFunnels allows that and this can really decrease the load time for your traffic.

  • Avoid relying to much on hiding/showing sections on mobile vs desktop, all the elements you mark as hidden will still be part of your page DOM and they will be loading any resources linked to them.

I use tinypng to compress my images before I upload it to my funnel.

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