How to turn off Stripe at PayPal V2

Hi there,

Is there any way to turn off stripe within an funnel by using PayPal V2, I want to offer PayPal only.



Really good point we didn’t offer that option at all yet, we should definitely get it out asap,

I will update this thread once it’s out there…

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Thx Samantha,

Any idea, when will you guys update of PayPal V2.


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Good point @Huu, We will add that to our TODO list immediately, hopefully within a week time frame it can be rolled out, just remind us by bringing this topic upfront in case we forget about it or we get occupied with other work…

Hi guys,

Have you added this feature to PayPal V2???

Hi @Huu,

Yes this feature has been rolled out along some changes to our dashboard yesterday :slight_smile:

Feel free to open new feature requests :slight_smile: