How To Use Facebook Pixel App With Clickfunnels?

In this short tutorial, I’ll be going through the easy steps on how to setup/configure the Funnelish app “Facebook Pixel” with your Clickfunnels’ funnels.

First of all a short introduction on what to expect from this Facebook Pixel app. It has been built mainly with two goals in mind:

  1. More accurate events tracking through your entire Clickfunnels funnel
    With Facebook Ads, it has been always a nightmare getting accurate events tracking, and it’s even worse with bot traffic. For that this app makes sure to eliminate as much bot traffic as possible without sacrificing real users data… by lazy loading your pixel, thus it’s IMPOSSIBLE for a short 2-3s bot session to hit your pixel at all… keeping your pixel data accurate and your LLAs cleaner…
    Can you imagine trying to scale up with LLAs full of fake bot data! it’s simply impossible and nearly always your ROAS and CPP (Cost Per Purchase) will be awful.
    The Facebook Pixel app, makes sure that all your events get fired at the appropriate time, with accurate values, without fluctuations… It’s almost impossible to get a Purchase or Add To Cart events fired twice with this app…

  2. Ease of use
    Well, it’s as easy as turning this switch on: (on your account of course!), and then inputting your Facebook Pixel ID.

You can have an account-wide pixel ID, which can be (optionally) replaced on each Funnel app settings.


The Facebook Pixel App uses the same concept as other funnelish apps, you can easily set it up following these steps:

  1. Find the app under the /Apps tab on your account.

  2. Click “settings” button which will bring a side panel like this:

  3. Turn the switch on (if it’s off) and Past your Facebook Pixel ID in the box.

  4. Hit save changes.


You may setup a different Facebook Pixel for each funnel if you need it, by following these steps:

  1. Open your Funnel (on Funnelish of course).

  2. Go under Settings > Apps.

  3. Find the App “Facebook Pixel” and click it.

  4. That will open a side panel with settings similar to above, which allows you to replace the account-wide pixel ID.

PS. Each app must be enabled it in both your account (under /Apps), and on your funnel (under Settings > Apps).
Same concept applies to all Funnelish Apps.

That’s really it.

Hope you enjoyed this little tutorial, you may leave your feedback, suggestions below :slight_smile:


Okay so first off this sounds AMAZING considering tracking FB events in clickfunnels is a nightmare especially when it comes to OTO’s.

So let me get this straight…

As long as we have our funnel head code installed in the funnel we want to track…

It will work?

Safe to say to remove all other pixel tracking code?

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That’s the whole point @keitsu Removing the complexity, in fact removing the code pixel from your header, will speeden your page, improve the quality of pixel fires and a lot more…

and course you can use the Facebook Pixel Helper to make sure that your events are tracked correctly, and you can test by making a purchase, content view, optin…etc…etc and check that chrome plugin every time to see whether it worked or not.

That app was extensively tested in battlefield, so It’s proven to improve the quality of our events tracking.

Hi Yassine,

What about individual event codes like lead or purchase, including purchase value and currency? Where do we put those?

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You don’t need any of that @goeyleech,

Currency and purchase values will be puled from your account (Funnelish Account) even if you aren’t using any of the PayPal Apps.

For purchase events, The app is smart enough to guess which events to trigger, example upon optin it will trigger lead event, upon purchase (Order form or OTOs) it will trigger Purchase events with purchase value, and at the thank you page will trigger completeRegistration.

You can also trigger AddToCart event (equivalent to Lead for Funnels).

You honestly don’t need to do any coding, just remove your old pixel codes and that’s it.

PS. You can still use your custom events if needed, but don’t use duplicate ones (ie. Avoid using ones that are already used/declared by Funnelish Lead,Purchase,…etc).

The Facebook Pixel App, is pretty new so there is room for improvement and new features… So we are always open to hear your feedback, suggestions and bug reports :wink:

Don’t hesitate to try it out.

Thanks for your fast response, I will try it out!
Lastly, will the FB app work if I am using Paypal app version 1, or should I swap to version 2?

It should work even if you are NOT using any of them… So they make no difference… and if the question is whether it declares purchases for PayPal sales (then yes it does that too no matter which Payment app you’re using).

Just to confirm, we don’t need to add our FB pixel at all to any of our funnel pages in Clickfunnels??

Hi Samantha,

I am about to try it out now with some FB campaigns. Have activated it in the apps section and also in my specific funnel. But some troubleshooting issues:

  1. [EDIT: I think I know why this is. I am using a subdomain in clickfunnels and that main domain would have the FB pixel in the head of the website] I tested it with the FB pixel helper and on each page of the funnel (other than the initial sales page) I’m getting the message “The Facebook pixel activated 2 times on this web page, which can cause errors in your event tracking.”
  2. On the initial sales page it does not find any pixel at all (maybe that’s by design and you did not want to pixel the sales page?). But I thought we should be tracking that page also. [EDIT: so this goes against my first theory that the subdomain itself has a pixel in the head tag. Because if it did, then this page should at least be showing one pixel]
  3. I have checked the main settings of my funnel, definitely no FB pixel code there. I have also checked each individual page (order form, OTO pages, order confirmation page) and there is no pixel added to those individual pages. So why is the pixel firing twice?
  4. The order confirmation page, the final page in my funnel where it shows what was bought, the event it triggers (twice) is ‘CompleteRegistration’. Shouldn’t the event fired on this page be ‘Purchased’? Or does it not matter?


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Hey man, I just confirmed (with pixel helper) that the first page (landing page) has no pixel - it should have View Content there,

The order page has View content on it (it should have Initiate Checkout in my opinion), The OTO’s all have view content as well (those should be purchase?)

The PayPal thank you page is actually set to complete registration for me lol.

I’m going to manually add the codes where applicable.

Yes I am confused, awaiting their response

I had to make the goal of my FB campaign ‘complete registration’ instead of ‘purchase’ because of the event fired on the order confirmation. Example:
And my OTO page events are ‘view content’… example:

YES :slight_smile: You don’t need to (but you need to add it under /Apps > Facebook Pixel and/or Funnel > Apps > Facebook Pixel).

Ignore that error as it happens for random reasons and so far it doesn’t affect anything :slight_smile: as long as your events are fired on time.

Did you add your initial sales page to Funnelish?!!

As you know the same concept applies to all apps, they should be added to funnelish in order for any of our apps to be aware that page exists in the first place :slight_smile:

It’s not necessarily firing twice! but Facebook pixel can be buggy sometimes.

As for your last question, I think @mfilev has the same situation…

I believe you mis understood it.

So, Purchase event is fired everytime your customer makes a purchase (whether it’s the order form or an OTO).

A Customer will NOT necessarily hit the last thank you page, but if they do then the complete registration event is triggered.

In other words, the CompleteRegistration event is there to tell you when a customer has seen your thank you page, meaning they’ve had the patience to go through your entire funnel, and those customers ARE VALUABLE :wink: you’ll want to list them carefully and hit them with more premium offers.

As for Purchase event is not affected by the TYP, since not all customers go through your entire funnel majority will drop off through the funnel… depending on how long the funnel is many will never see the thank you page.

Hope that explains the concept :slight_smile:

Also, I believe using the Pixel helper is the best way to see what events are triggered and which are not. and you may ignore the Pixel initialization warning which we believe is caused by the fact that we delay loading the pixel for couple seconds.

There is no logical point in optimizing for CompleteRegistration especially if you have a long funnel or plan to have one.

Not all leads will see your TYP, and that makes that event less valuable than the Lead/AddToCart events or Purchase.

Hi I don’t have my initial sales page in Funnelish.
I didn’t realize I needed to do that. But what do I select for initial sales page?
There is no initial sales page option.

And when I create it, does it matter what order the pages are in inside funnelish? Should box #1 be the sales page, #2 the order form, #3 the OTO, etc?

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You can select Optin Page or Other… After all, every sales page is an optin page (it’s only you who decides to put in the optin box or not).

For order, it’s recommended to keep the order you have in Clickfunnels so if we have any update affecting that, you won’t need to do anything else… so drag it to the right position. If you don’t want to you can keep it last, that won’t affect the pixel itself, but might affect some other apps.

mine also fires twice for website registration.

Hi I have installed the Facebook Pixel app. The number of purchases is tracking ok but not the purchase values. I’m not sure why.

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Can you PM me the page at which that happens, and the OTO that comes right after it?

I don’t think it’s possible to track purchases without tracking their value :face_with_monocle: