How to use PayPal plugin to replace CC gateway (i.e. Stripe) completely?

In the “How it works” for the PayPal plugin it says that this can be done.
In the video inside ‘how it works’ the demonstration sets up Stripe products as well as PayPal products.

I wish to use the PayPal plugin as a way to replace a stripe gateway altogether.

I followed the steps as detailed in this tutorial: exactly, omitting the steps to do with setting up the Stripe products (under the products section for the funnel step in ClickFunnels).

Everything else I did the same as detailed.

Now in my funnel, the PayPal app order form is displaying correctly, but there is no product listed (and no bump available.)

It just has “Dynamically Updated - $0” as the product option, and nothing happens when you click the order bump checkbox.

To clarify:

  • I have no products set up in the ClickFunnels order step.
  • I DO have products set up in the overall clickfunnels 3rd party settings, as per the instructions in the above tutorial
  • I have set up products in the Funnelish funnel
  • I have connected my paypal account ID in both account settings, and in the funnel settings in funnelish

I have searched on the forum to try and find a tutorial for what we are trying to do, but (apologies if there is one) i wasn’t able to find it.

Can someone help ASAP?!
We were really hoping this plugin would be the answer to our prayers!

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Hey @AAIncubator,

Yes, indeed it’s very possible and can be easily done, just go into your Funnelish Apps > PayPal Plugin > Gateways then turn off Credit Card and then save your changes that’s it.

As for that note, that won’t work like that, you’ll have to add products to Clickfunnels one way or another (the order step) since That’s what your customers will see and will buy…

In case you don’t have an actual Stripe, Bluesnap…etc account then simply go under Gateways (in your Clickfunnels account) and then add a fake Bluesnap or Infusionsoft gateway and then use that to add new products to your Clickfunnels order form… For the rest of things you have done it’s all okay :wink:

Good luck