HTTP response code - 520

We are seeing intermittent paypal IPN responses coming back 520.
This has been happening since Friday.

Anyone else seeing this

Can you please provide more details?! where do you see those errors? and what platform/apps are you using…etc…etc we need details to be able to help!

Hi Samantha … they went away for a while so I just assumed it was a dns or routing issue.
but they have returned.

They are intermittent and not on all sales

we are using clickfunnels and Paypal app

we are seeing them in our " Instant Payment Notification (IPN) history"

copy of message from PayPal

Please check your server that handles PayPal Instant Payment Notifications (IPN). Instant Payment Notifications sent to the following URL(s) are failing:

If you do not recognize this URL, you may be using a service provider that is using IPN on your behalf. Please contact your service provider with the above information. If this problem continues, IPNs may be disabled for your account.

Thank you for your prompt attention to this issue.

Yours sincerely,


Errors type (on the history page in paypal)

Notification URL:

HTTP response code: 520

Delivery status: Retrying

No. of retries: 13

Thanks for your help

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@michael77 Oh those notifications you can safely ignore them, we still have no idea why they are happening but seems they are not affecting anything for the time being. Or, just start using Funnelish Pay.