Https not always working

###Plugin/Functionality Concerned
PayPal v2, fancify

###Issue Description
Since I added the script I get an error in the browser about 50% of the time the page loads with an error on https. I am using cloudflare


Hi SubZero!

Are you sure that’s caused by a funnelish App! not by some custom code or perhaps your Clickfunnels funnel isn’t well configured? (maybe SSL is turned off)

Though you can PM us the link to that order form to test it out as well.

I never had this issue before I added the funnelish script. Didn’t change anything in settings.

PMing you the link.

Hey @SubZero,

You could check whether you are linking to some external resources! Like a css/js file or a service that is temporarily down or an image from another website.

That’s the usual reason behind that issue.

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